Friday, January 14, 2022

Lyrics of Postmen - Crisis


When i'm enthousiastic
i stretch problems like elastic
visionary perspective
i seldom missed it
sphere mystic
all this i invested
often tested
all fruits i inherit
oneself should acquire methods to find his exit with fragments
life penetrated by attachments
i lost good friends of mine, it took hurt but i accepted it
ten out of ten times rejected
now major respected
many tried
but ended up a failure
i might reveal ya
the knowledge of a man who didn't know he healed ya
i feel eyes stabbing me
messing me temporarily
running races like a rally
thoughts i carry shipped like a ferry
in time
you will notice you can never refine
these words of mine
i devote to my design
it was the most high
to send i post to multiply
my complexion attracts eyes
folks try to analyze

no matter what the crisis, i refuse to live like this
i refuse to live like this
no matter what the crisis, i refuse to live like this
no no matter what this crisis is

my mind is restless
more investments
my mood is aggressive
my teachings majestic providing lessons
uplift your conscious
black ignorance
is still disastrous
i speech
'cuz it travels the streets to hit masses
to maintain promise
to live without greed
deliver needs
knowing this'll never change
me i'm wide range
i know things that'll sustain
break the chains
open doors giving kids a chance
to run the game
i divorced from this system
commit abortion
the lost one but my heart still remains a fortune
cast your evil spell
jah will shall excel
the worst enemies to conquer
the light will guide me in hell


obey your highness
my world is based on living righteous
i support trade thoughts born to device hits
prevent a crisis
enlarge my margin
no one involved in
this track contains
plain facts to complete judgement
my life is misty
agony built my world filthy
forced being guilty
in this system
know from visions jah revealed me
stand put
to try to f*** protect my manhood
live good
my context explained terrain i put food
acknowledge the key
i learn from him, him learn from me
we share roots from the same tree
this life is narrow
seen from my angle
level unknown
for those who claim
and sold the game
to the devil are far from home


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