Thursday, January 13, 2022

Lyrics of TLC - CrazySexyCool - 1. Intro-Lude


(tionne watkins, sean "puffy" combs, carl "chucky" thompson)
published by tizbiz music, pebbitone music (ascap)

Yo, ha-ha
i wanna talk to the fellas for a minute
i want y'all to know
the flyest kinda ho
to get wit'
in '94, or period
She's crazysexycool
i'ma let y'all know what that be
ha, she's kinda like me
wouldn't y'all like a girl
who has a nice sense of humor
that can kick it, make you laugh
then on the other side
in the bedroom
whip that thang on
ya know what i'm sayin'
but uh, when it's time to kick it, with the fellas
she can roll, get her stroll on
ya know what i mean
so that be like me
and chilli, and left eye right
yeah, crazysexycool
i get dat
y'all share too
ha ha

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