Friday, April 29, 2022

Lyrics of Britny Fox - Look My Way

Look my way
(Britny Fox)

With the lightening comes a time
And I know
Lord I know
I see the changes come in you Baby
And I know
Lord I know

Just want to give it back
All I took from you
I got a lot
To see it through

When you look my way
I'm livin' higher than my yesterday
When you look my way
I see the love that's comin' back to me

Once you feel you got a part
You gotta go
You gotta go
Did you ever see a smile?
Kicks it off
And it takes you home

Lookin' back on all the pain
I put you through
I'd die a thousand times
To make it up to you

Take apart the feelings in your way
Move along you'll live for everyday
New tomorrow's comin' all for you
Don't let the past rule if you win or lose

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