Saturday, April 30, 2022

Lyrics of Britny Fox - Six Guns Loaded

Six guns loaded
(Britny Fox)

I've been away for such a long long time
Ain't had a day without you on my mind
I miss the lovin' that you gave to me
On top of you is where I wanna be

Your body's carved in stone in my mind
I see your pony tail from behind
I see the sweat that you and I create
I'm feelin' heaven cuz you're feelin' great

I'm overdue
Gotta shoot you

Six guns loaded
Six guns fire
Six guns loaded
And you're takin' me a little bit higher
Six guns loaded
Six guns fire
Six guns loaded
You're my one and only flaming desire

I gotta see ya soon I'm outta my mind
I've waited for you Baby all this time
I need your lovin' gotta get you good
I just don't wanna see me losin' you

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