Saturday, April 30, 2022

Lyrics of The Glee Project - Hate On Me - Marissa

Hate on me
(Marissa Von Bleicken)

Hate on me en español

If I could give you the world on a silver platter
Would it even matter? You'd still be mad at me
If I could find in all this a dozen roses
That I would give to you, you'd still be miserable

'Cause in reality I'm gon' be who I be and I don't feel no faults
For all the lies that you bought
You can try as you may, break me down when I say
That it ain't up to you, gonna do what you do

Hate on me, hater, now or later
'Cause I'm gonna do me, you'll be mad, baby
Go 'head and hate on me, hater, 'cause I'm not afraid of
What I got I paid for, you can hate on me

Hate on me, hater
'Cause I'm gonna do me, you'll be made, baby
Go 'head and hate on me, Ryan, go ahead try it
But i will not buy it, you can hate on me

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