Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Lyrics of Third Day - Anything

(Third Day)

I can't do anything
I can't do anything without you
But You can do everything
You can do everything You want
I just can't believe
I can't believe that You would love me
After everything
After everything I've done

And I want to love you
Love You more than life itself
And I want to hold You
Even though You can't be held
Because you're so much more
Than everything I've ever known
Anything, anything

I'd give anything
I would give anything to hold You
I want to live for You
For You alone I want to live
When I see Your face
I would do anything to know You
You gave me everything
You gave all You have to give

Halle, hallelujah
Halle, hallelujah
Halle, hallelujah

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