Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Lyrics of 12 As one Papermoon 01

As One

I was wrong, I know we changed you
forgive me is all I can say
I try to hard to find the words to say
we´ll find a way
we heard ourselves, when we heard in trouble
we sill keep doing this again
take my hand, be my brother
we dont´t need to play that game

What ever may come, we stay together
you are the one who makes me live again
can´t you fell the hearts, beating together
beating as one

times of joy and times of sorrow
so much we´ve been true
I don´t care what comes tomorow
all I neet in my life is you


Try your eyes now
it´s getting better
don´t you get yourself down it´s now
sacrifice now we stay together
is it law we have found
is it hard to kepp it forever
is it hard to believe


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