Saturday, May 14, 2022

Lyrics of Alana Grace - The Other Side

The other side
(Alana Grace)

I found the poison under my skin
Creeping in slowly feeding everything
I feel so close yet so far away
Staring at life this prison of sheltering
It's killing me...

I-I-I wanna break free from these walls and say
goodbye-i-i to the feelings that I've known before
I try-i-i to fight back the urge to hideaway
and let it, let it, let it open my eyes
to the other side

The glass is breaking I'm not afraid
the noise it's making is taking my breath away
This water's cool but I'm not alone
and something's moving underneath my feet
It's sinking me...

Floating away on a star
passing through clouds and rose colors
oh...starting over
I'm never coming down...

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