Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Lyrics of Arch Enemy - Cult Of Chaos (with lyrics) [Full HD]

Cult of Chaos
(Arch Enemy)

Cult of Chaos en español

Chaos is creation
A swirling mass of atoms and ideas
Natural selection the sculptor of all life

Survival of the fittest, all your tall tales are dead
We are legion, one will and one heartbeat

This is anarchy
We are a godless entity

There are many ways to die
But only one way to live
Let the cult of chaos reign
Be as free as you can be

Confusion, diffusion, your system in turmoil
Disillusion, revolution, the storm to cleanse this world
False prophets, propaganda
Speak in tongues and dead words
'Til the fangs of reality
Will sink into their throats

There will be dead silence and then a new beginning
Let the cult of chaos reign.

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