Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Lyrics of Arch Enemy Through The Eyes Of A Raven/Lyrics

Through the Eyes of a Raven
(Arch Enemy)

Broken bodies stiff from storms
Our spirits scarred to ice
The only witness left alive
The raven and its staring eyes

Taste the blood
Hear their cries
Horrifying genocide
We lost our paradise

Through the eyes of the raven
See the slaughter, your crimes
They will remember
And so shall I

When I die
Let the ravens fly
Let my body lie
Under snow and blood

The wolves of war at your throat
Leave nothing but severed bones
Scattered upon battlefields
Life is the price you pay

He who is proud is not for long
He who is brave will be destroyed
Your murder a heavy crown
Layered with thorns of shame.

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