Friday, May 6, 2022

Lyrics of Ballaholic

(E 40)

I’m in my Fubu drawers, she in her gown
Is it some cats tryin’a have at me
or is it the canine and the batteram
Plannin’ on splittin’ my crown but it ain’t gone be too simple
See I’m a baller, I’ve got bars around the windows,
Rottweilers, pits, Akitas
Doberman Pinchers taped up in the yard
With a sign on the fence that reads
Warning – Beware of Dogs
Leap like a frog if you feel froggish, ni*** leap
Like to neglect my dogs, starve ‘em,
sometimes they don’t eat
Elroys questioning me about
my triple beam – officer, I got proof!
Po-Po! That’s for weighing nuts and fruits!
Run with a whole bunch of rugged-ass rowdy
knuckleheads – know what I mean
Big niggas – the size of a football team
I wear these glasses so I can look like
a square but if you ever see me in a
fight with a bear, don’t help me, ni*** help the bear!
Me and my whales, we be
coonin’ – but see you the type of ni*** that
go in the back room and Beep
yo’self and act like yo’ pager’s boomin


I’ll have you know ever since
I was ankle low to a centipede’s toe I always
wanted to flow play pro baseball Weepolization family,
that’s my favorite sport
But instead I’m back and forth to jail and in and out of court
Serious about my rock shrine I don’t give a f***
how much courage juice you
had, ni*** yo’ mug don’t mean like mine
I bring the noise like a cymbal
I f*** with 40 nem, make ya stick yo’ pistol out the window
Y’all otta see me at the state fair showin’
off in front of my broad tryin’a
win my little nieces
One of the biggest stuffed animal prices there
Nickname is Charlie but my street name is EARL!
Ballaholic like Felix Mitchell newphew little Darryl
I know the streets like the task force know dope
I am the streets my ghetto pass can’t be revoked
Ten percent I pay my tithe forgive me for my sins
Smoke a ounce a weed a day maybe that’s why
I ain’t got no wind


You can call me Lawry’s cause I’m seasoned
I eat crevey – but not when it’s
Don’t get me wrong I love sex but I don’t play that part
I love Virginia – but not when the Virginia’s tart
And if it’s good then I might Dolce & Gabbana it
Gave yo’ ass some bread and let you go buy up some shit
Callin’ yo’self takin’ advantage of my riches
I’m tryin’a be nice to yo' ass,
I normally talk bad about you bitches
Inducted into the hall of game back in the via
Notorious for slappin’
chicken heads upside they weava wit my nokia
Mayday mayday I can’t call it all patrol cars
and units be on the lookout for
the hillside finagler forty water the ballaholic
I’d rather fly than ride Amtrak!
When I’m in Dallas I f*** with C-Bo and Go
Hard Black
Maka opera singer want to write some raps
I'm papered uuup! (like who?) Like a fax


If you's a ballaholic you’s a baller.

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