Thursday, May 26, 2022

Lyrics of Breaking Point - Promise Keeper

Promise Keeper
(Breaking Point)

Come fly with me tonight
come carry me away from all these
troubles in my life
i've had to face
This time i'll make it right
I've learned from my mistakes and
i will never say goodbye to you

So i'll be your promise keeper
Your one believer
as long as i'm alive
and i'll be your one and only
and hold you closely
until the day i die

It's time i see the better things in life
cause i don't wanna waste away
without putting up a fight
for what we need
I’ll make a sacrifice
i'll give up all the little things
and try to make this right for you


Because forever starts tonight
forever starts tonight
and i know we'll make this right
because forever starts tonight

and i'll be there
to mend you
when you're broken
and i'll be there
and defend you
when you're helpless


I'll be your promise keeper
until the day i die

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