Friday, May 27, 2022


(Defy My Truth)

My blessed night is the only thing that deserve me
They only come out at night
Watching the stars between pure love
They are perfect, the don't have mistakes for now
But try my time, Welcome to my time

Go away and don't release him
figure out if i feel better
i'm still feeling you (x2) that's right i'm not better
i lied i'm not better than yesterday
Sorry, but i can't let you go...

I Don't remember what i'd said when you promise me a life with you
now just forget it i understand that you only play for money and sex

This are my last words
This is my last breathe

All those moments that could be a pretty and entire life
all those pulled moments that could be a pretty and entire life
with you...
(Go away)

Go away(x6)

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