Monday, May 23, 2022

Lyrics of Deicide - Death To Jesus (Official Audio)

Death To Jesus

Death To Jesus en español

Calvary's son what have you done,
Nothing but hang on a cross,
Nazarene beaten to death,
What is sin, your lord did you in...
Putting your ass out to dry...
Just a pawn sentenced to die...
Revelation compromise, kill the world another time,
In the name of God you hide, all behold the crucified...
Heaven's dissention, the light of the dead,
Absent as always, the crucifixtion,
What's in his name that you want us all dead,
Why do you question the voice in your head?
Reverence sours despising the meek, Biblical power,
Descend into dream, Cast to the darkness contentious stay,
Mourning forever his name you will pray...
Mutilation, Left to Satan,
Killed to save us, Death to Jesus
Under the sun, drained of belief,
screaming at God to be dead,
Dominus onward ascend
Fall from grace through the hands of the lord,
Judas is hanging betrayed and ignored,
F*** the Christ, Who will save,
Retro Send, Arbitrating the soul,
Come again and relive it you know,
Crucified when you arrive, Rendered unconscious,
Confined to the cross,
Caught in the act of the end of us all,
Powerless again you die...
For the Father you despise,
Bare the burden of his Sign,
Holy tomb of emptiness,
Suffocate inside your shrine...
Recitation, Salutation
God defeated, Death to Jesus

Revelation compromise, Kill the world another time
In the name of God you die...
Death to Jesus, Crucified

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