Thursday, May 19, 2022

Lyrics of Enigma - Hello And Welcome

Hello & Welcome

Hello & Welcome en español

Hello & Welcome at your own risk
You´re always welcome, without guarantee.
If you´re so brave then face the tide;
there is no mercy in this life,
now it´s time to feel and see
what is fiction and what reality

Hello & Welcome, just look at me.
Think about your future, still try to live.
Too much confidence on what you have,
-bad idea to feel safe-
overload your destiny,
and you'll wake up behind me.

Hello & Welcome (welcome, welcome!)
but it's at your own risk.
You always welcome (welcome)
to enjoy reality (hello, hello, hello & welcome)

Just look at me
think about your future
Still try to live
Hello, hello, just look at me,
Just look at me
It´s your destiny
(Hello & Welcome, Hello & Welcome)
Just look at me
Hello hello ... (Repeat)

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