Saturday, May 14, 2022

Lyrics of EPIC POP | ''Can You Hear Me'' by UNSECRET (feat. Young Summer)

Can You Hear Me?
(Last Tuesday)

So good to know you ,
So good to see you came
I can’t believe, I won’t believe in anything
that we have made
But don't walk away
Walk with me now
We'll figure out somehow
Tell me what you've come to believe
Don't put me down

(From here to the back row)
Hey hey can you hear me
Hey hey can you hear me
It’s not for us to say,
We can’t create a way.

So good to know you,
So good to push my plan,
On you again, so I can win
Another soul that will get in
So good to be here
But I'm on my way out
This microphone is not my own
There's too many stories
From here to the back row

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