Friday, May 27, 2022

Lyrics of Hillsong Only One For Me

Only One For Me
(Hillsong London)

I wanna be everything You want me to be
I wanna live my life for You
You’ve placed in me everything I need to go on
I wanna show my whole world You

I put my trust in everything Your word says You are
I wanna live my life for You
I see Your truth, find grace in everything that You do
I’m gonna live to worship You

I look to You and all Your ways
I seek Your face and praise Your name

All I need is, all I need is You
In everything little thing I do
All I need is, all I need is You
Cause You’re the only One, the only One for me.

Never wanna be, never wanna be
Livin’, livin’ less than all You want for me
Giving all my life to my God and I will worship You

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