Thursday, May 26, 2022

Lyrics of King Changó – Finalmente (Official Audio)

(King Chango)

Piriri pirara)
Que bueno que esta
Esto va a empezar
Me no get backshot

Finalmente llegó
La buena vibra a mi camino
Felicidad, quien lo iba a creer
Vamos a celebrar
Vamos a amanecer
Quiero a Guadalupe agradacer
Esto es un milagro
Siento renacer
Asi que, leave your worries behind
with the family forward hand by hand

Yo, watch me
Hanging with the crew
Gladly Disco-Latin-Rub-a-dub
Madly but sadly
I have to inform you
Of all this injustice
That is happening all around the world
Lately, correct me if I'm wrong
But we have to get strong
To smash down
Bomba clot Babylon

Finalmente llegó
La sabrosura de King Changó
Y yo le canto a toda mi gente
Y te lo digo a ti
Y te lo canto a ti
Pa ra re re rah... pa

Hold down operator Seen
Who Jah blessed
No man can curse

A mi Guadalupe
Quiero agradacer
Esto es un milagro siento renacer
Asi que leave
your worries behind
with the family forward hand by hand

Me sing a boom boom it's true
Me sing a boom boom...
Brand new destiny
A galon!
I & I Blanquito
Me ago pray Sellassie
Bring me a new vision
So I can fight Babylon
Me no no come fe slack
Just to bring down the walls
With the brand new beat from the King Champion
Finalmente llegó

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