Monday, May 30, 2022

Lyrics of Lonnie Gordon - Happenin' All Over Again - Official Video

(Lonnie Gordon)

You told me
"I'd never leave you, baby"
But I don't believe
This is happenin' all over again

I was such a fool
To think that you would ever change your ways
Even put your hand upon your heart
And said that no one else could take my place

How was I so blind
I trusted every single word you said
I know I should have seen the light
But I just let your love go to my head

I've taken you back before
'Cos you told me you'd changed
Looked in my eyes and said

"Believe me",
then you Broke my heart and
Deceived me when you
Said you never could leave me
But it's happenin' all over again,
no, no, no

I promised myself
I'd never make the same mistakes again
And though I look for someone
I never really want to walk away

It seems that you're just the same
I forgot all the pain
Looked in your eyes, you said

You said, "believe me"
But it's happenin' all over again
Deceived me
But it's happenin' all over again
Could leave me
But it's happenin' all over again

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