Monday, May 30, 2022

Lyrics of Marta Sanchez - True Devotion

True devotion
(Marta Sánchez)

We got a chance
to find a little true romance,
please understand.
You gotta finally stop your running,
make a plan.
I've never shared a dream this real
with any man,
you'll never find this love again
so take my hand.
Your baby really wants a kiss
with passion and
i offer you forever it's the most i have.

True devotion, true devotion.
Baby, now listen what you're
doin' to me.
Oh baby, now listen how you set
my heart free.
Oh baby, now listen what you're
doin' to me.
Oh baby, now listen you're the one
that i need.
Oh, baby.

And no one else
can make it so exciting
That's why i've searched the world till
love appeared.
I always knew and kept believin'
had no fears,
so let me come and whisper
something in your ear.
These fellin's that i have for you
are so sincere,
please tell me that
we'll never shed another tear.

(repeat chorus)

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