Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Lyrics of On The Day Before Christmas

On The Day Before Christmas

There was a time when we all did believe
in a god, in a stairway to heaven
There was a time, we were younger and free
When to laugh and to love meant to live

Now we are blind for the beauty around us
We take, but forgot how to give
On the day before christmas

Look around and all I see is trouble, all I see is pain
Even on a holy day like christmas
The time is near the people realize the lies, rise,
organize to spread sweet love around the world,
here we stand across the land, we join our hands
on the day before christmas

There was a sign out in the distance
A star that is what we´ve been told
There was a sign for love and assistance
But the world that we live in turned cold

Still we are fighting all over the planet
Only for silver and gold
On the day before christmas

Look around and all I see is trouble...

Will we understand? We have to believe
We´ll be free again if we learn how to love and forgive

There´s a man on a sleigh and he is on his way,
and the children are singing
There´s a man on the moon and he´ll come to you soon,
and the bells will be ringing

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