Thursday, May 19, 2022

Lyrics of Pretty Ricky - Chevy - Bluestars Track 11 (LYRICS)

(Pretty Ricky)

26’s on my chevy (my chevy)
Chrome on my chevy (my chevy)
Candy on my chevy (my chevy)
Flakes on my chevy (oooh)
Dudes on my chevy (my chevy)
Girls in my chevy (my chevy)
Screens in my chevy (my chevy)
Shove in my chevy
I’m so hiiiiiiigh
I’m so hiiiiiiigh

[Baby Blue]
When I ride so high like my rims
Wit a pint of droe
Sittin on 24’s
Matter of fact dat was a year ago
Now I’m ridin on 26’s
I’ts yo boy you ain’t catch me rollin
In da back of my seats man
6-4 when I hittin dem switches
-- sittin on deep dishes
S 500 wit da L-G kit man
I’m doin number so don’t try to screw me
-- and I’m eatin up like Scooby
I got a pocket full of bread
A girl givin me head in da back row at da movies
Interior Gucci
Please don’t stain my seats wit yo coochie
Excuse me
Sssssss ha I smell PUSSY
I never deal wit a hoe who smell like sushi
I know you got to go trick, introduce me
(now Blue you know you wrong for dat)
(Slick hold up)
I Baby Blue roll
Male gigalo, I get it on da low
Get out my window, rims glow
I ride slow forever flossin you don’t know

You can call me big 4 when I’m in my dome
72 chevy wit da shove in da trunk
Suade on da seats wit da suicide doors
Neon light that make da dash board glow
Paint swelled up like apple pie
Stayin' high 'cause I'm super-sized all the time
2 seconds will get me from 0 to 60
I ain’t pullin over then you betta come get me
Girls goin wild when I’m on da scene
My seat belt buckle got TV screens
Bluestars stuck by custom glass
And you can hear dem pipes when I’m hit tags


[Slick ‘Em]
Now what you hatin for (what you hatin for)
Is it the 75 (is it the 75)
On dem glass reams (on dem glass reams)
Wit da chromed trim (wit da chromed trim)
Da way I roll up (roll up)
Calm and laid back (laid back)
This here body droppin top
I know they hate dat
Keep smell of fear
Let’s make it clear
These playa’s ain’t real
They kind of fit
Needs some Lysol
Cause Pretty Ricky, Ricky, Ricky, Ricky, is da shhh eeha
Got me statin, vibratin
Got da street shakin
Lit boy bad there
Nothin but dem 12 quaking playa
(playa, playa, playa, playa)


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