Thursday, May 12, 2022

Lyrics of Rosie Tucker - "Different Animals" (Full Album Stream)

Different Animals
(Rosie Tucker)

I feel like I knew ya before
I knew feeling and knowing were different animals
I can feel my teeth in the jaws
Of a feeling while knowing got off
To god knows where

You can hold my head to the light
I can tell you all of my names
You can print whatever you find
You can call me anything

I feel like we been here for days
Layin low in malaise
Slamming sugar free cola
You look like you got some to say
Shame to have and to give ain’t the same
But you know that
You know!

Pin me to the table and cut
Sip at the formaldehyde
You may never know what I was
But you can call me any time

I feel like a kid in your arms
Hangin high on a gaze
Waving dangling toes
You look far away lookin on
It’s amazing you claim we’re not different animals

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