Thursday, May 26, 2022

Lyrics of Routine Melodies Reprise/TOKYO SKA PARADISE ORCHESTRA

Routine Melodies
(Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra)

Kissing, dancing, losing drunkeness
You are going to find fault with my day
You don't need to be here
Get some rest at home
I won't ask you to pay much money
You never care

Everybody loves a sunshine luxury
Bubbling over, I'm going to hug them all
I shout"Take it easy!"
You laugh at my dance
I never forget the greatest moment that we shared

Smile away into dreamy tunes
No one can stand still with our dancing beats
Making noise wipes off routine parts
Fly away like a paper plane

Kissing, dancing, losing consciousness
I never find fault with my day
Do the celebration
Freak out in Vegas
I never forget the greatest moment that we shared
I'm going to sing new routine melodies in my life
Kissing, dancing, losing I'm going home

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