Monday, May 23, 2022

Lyrics of Secret Sphere - The Brave

The Brave
(Secret Sphere)

The Sphere: Bagpipes resound
in the scottish silent
and cold wind of war,
attention and strain, oh cross th field,
looks against other looks,
hate, justice and rage,
freedom's the dream of a nation

Aurienne(William): Oh sons of Scotland
we're here for our life,
we are born to be free
and so we'll be!

Aurienne(William): All man die,
but not too many of them live actually,
it's your eyes and your hear,
they can steal our life but not
our liberty's much stronger than fear

Aurienne(William): I see the colours
of Scotland united
victory is now in our hands,
here among
the screams of joy,
sweat and blood,
the only word is freedom now
...dreams of freedom...


Aurienne(William): Hate, justice and rage,
fight for your rights, fight for your life


The Sphere: High battlecries,
among these mountains,
fight for your rigths, fight for your life




Aurienne(William): Cry no more,
wind is blowing far the tears
can't imprison me 'cause freedom
will live on her lips.

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