Thursday, May 26, 2022

Lyrics of Sensato - Mis Hijos (Video Oficial)

Mis Hijos en inglés
(Sensato Del Patio)

Eh ... Well

Today I'm going to take to
educate all these children ...

They are out of orvita.

You have to give pao pao (Si)
strips must be given its ...

Children (Lisen on) to hear her dad
Pope makes sense ...
Your Daddy.

I'll give you your lesson by Fresko
by naughty ...

Ehhh ... Hand up boys
Sounds good e'to ...

I give at the ankle (No)
rapper with long hair
pongace a sintillo (Put it)
with my simple stick with what I gave
e'te and attentive to stick to stick tubieron shupalo Ohhh ...

I know sone on TV and the Internet
but I'm not as chichi that the need to keep
There you are buying the Pampers
have to wash the dirty clothes hamper the
must be sought income pa
that the super Ajax no one can ...

Pod Velden
n are sheath to lie
I'm a rapper Velden
not a rapper to lie.

My leather loves
buy him Chinese food
my girlfriend and me my gift pline kitchen with sardine
but that was the topic ehh
has nothing to do with the purpose
hey klk be your deposit
pa e'te not die in zologico

Ahhh logical eh
you toy Josias (if)
Your ta cabesiando
e'ta pod ta you gutando

Together siii
Follow me
pay attention
his teacher
right, left lol
leave your diparate
Ajax leave the backpack

hear what happens
I have what device
I have the actefacto

pa rapture ajaaaaa
your nose is giving you this
I have a dike while waiting for that contract
I make my own shoe
and say that in the sole reasonable

but I see
I think I should seek employment
that I look ugly
and no food or the European Parliament pa

I feel that in rap
mah pod gets tough
and your still frekura
e'to categorized as junk
ehh mah than that, non-commercial ntento
todito Tenema sabemo that inside
and that there will not f*** me tigueraje
why not eh Podem
never pass me a demo

but my Blessed Mother
I'm taking the extreme pod e'ta
with my and my cuteness payaseria
I have a joy inside
my wife has a baby in the belly
I was going to be the light of my day

Thanks for everything God Pope

another sees my child comes

cantenme the choir

feels good
Ehhh e'to
e'to imagine a pod eh
ohh so fuc*** what you HHO too seriously

You hit me da f*** ma maker
you know ma brother ready

Kien I am?

I am in the courtyard

what it is?

what it is?

what it is?

Tiburon manito records ...!

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