Monday, May 2, 2022

Lyrics of Sluts Get Guts by Blood On The Dance Floor (W/ lyrics)

Sluts get guts
(Blood On The Dance Floor)

I'm sharp like Jasons machete
I'll slice you into spaghetti
You're such a cold hearted bitch
They'll find you chopped up dead in a ditch
Pin you over your grave
Be my zombie sex slave

You give it up so easy
& you know just how to please me
You sluts are all just the same
Parade around with no shame
I'll put the C in creepy
So you start feelin' queasy
You know you're under attack
I'll put a knife in your back


Run as fast as you can
(Run as fast as you can)
Hes under you
(Hes under you)

Sluts get guts
Fatel cuts
Make me feel murderess
Made you cry
Made you die
Makes me feel so alive!
You got served
You deserve your teeth broke on the curb
All the sluts
Drive me nuts
Thats why all they get is guts!

Sluts get guts!
Kill em' till they rot
Sluts get guts!
Kill em' till they rot

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