Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Lyrics of Soul Cages - Falling

(Soul Cages)

Feel it, don`t stop to try, no longer be alone
You hear that voice, it seems to cry
Loud and clear in every part of you

Taste it, don't stop to fly, the time of dark is gone
that burning light blinds your eyes
and from a distance you can see

Seems like falling, like falling high
seems like falling, into the sky

Gotta be strong - Falling down
gotta leave it all behind
gotta be strong - Falling down
gotta leave it all behind

The night is gone, the sun arises
In times of darkness you're alone

Make it, don't be too shy
realize your destiny
so you will find the miracles of life inside yourself,
inside your mind

No longer feel the same
noone will stop this way
no time to hesitate
now it will begin

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