Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Lyrics of Soul Cages - Pressure

(Soul Cages)

Fault and honour - huge contrast in meaning
are closer as it seems to each other
life-situations show that it's easier to be the honest
accuse another one for no reason

What a forward device what a glory despite

Under Pressure to fail
Seperate the good from bad sides
You bring fault on everybody

Try to recall the everlasting order
hide at first yourself for your misbehave
it is a distant way to recognize the unexpected
it seems that you're afraid of your innerself

Once a time you perhaps will find
the reasons you act are cause of the point
careers you aspire with unfailingness
the way your life goes you`re dissatisfied

Let the past passing by - let the sun in your life

Problems of the world comment in every media
subjective meanings shown remind the rules of god

Opinions - unreal - need check and clearify
no quickly judging - be sure your honour will arise

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