Monday, May 30, 2022

Lyrics of Survivor - 20/20


You dress so formal like you dont even know
Whatcha got underneath it
Your straight-laced morals are just for show
Cause I know thatcha need it
I got you in my sites
Ya know Im gonna give ya my best shot tonight
* cause I can see 20/20
You just cant disguise
Oooh, the fire in your eyes 20/20
Theres no way to hide
From my sweet love tonight*

So educated that you think youre above
My street wise emotion
So old fashioned when it comes to love
You talk of devotion
I dont wanna change your life
What I really want is your love for the night

(* repeat)

Oooh, you know I can see you
Im seem right through you
Oh you know that I want you
I want you tonight

(* repeat and fade)

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