Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Lyrics of Almost Sorry

Almost Sorry
(Scissor Sisters)

Almost Sorry en español

If anyone was headed for the gates of hell I know you'd be first.
I used to picture your obituary and I wished you the worst
The danger of the playground
The radio said you drowned
I'm sorry almost
Almost sorry

No sympathy is given to the perpetrator charged with the crime
I'm willing to admit that it feels good to be a victim sometimes
I won't ever get to thank you
For the terrible things you said
I'm sorry almost

That you're dead to the world where I hoped you would be
Never imagined you'd live on in me
You gave me destination but I paid for the ride
The place you pushed my ticket left a crater inside
Where I cried (he cried)
Where I cried (you died)

Where I cried from the bruises learned to live with the scars
Now you live in the mirror when I look there you are
You're the shadow on the faces of the people I meet
Have you claimed eternal shotgun in my passenger seat
Well I'm sorry almost
Almost sorry

Sometimes the best design is done by damage
The accident concedes
A rainbow still looks pretty when it bleeds

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