Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Lyrics of Alyssa Milano - Closer To You [HQ]

Closer To You
(Alyssa Milano)

Never pictured you and I on a night like this
With half lit sky and a heart felt kiss
I can't get over how it get this for
Guess you had it all planned out
Then you stole my heart

So here I am with you
Closer to love than I've ever been
Must've had a thing for you
I'll tell you want I wanna do

* I want to hold on to your hand
Spend every moment with you
I want to hold on
And everything you've put me through
It's just brought me closer to you

There was never a time when you didn't care
You were always close you were always there
And now I see you on this moonlit night
And we're standing here in a different light

So here we are
Looks like you stole my heart away
Must've been always you
But I didn't know till today

* Repeat

Every time you smile
They say it's never too late
Guess we just had to wait
It's just brought me closer, closer to you

* Repeat

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