Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Lyrics of Am Yours

Am Yours

How do I even start?
Like, where do you start this?
I don't know

[Verse 1:]
I'm only starting to understand it
I apologise if I'm running late
But it's so easy to miss the magic
When you're seeing it everyday
And if I ever took that for granted
Well the hard times caught me out
Because we got it down
No matter how, you held it down
How'd you do that?
Cause you're the warmth in my embrace
And you're the heart that got my heart beating
And I don't know your ways
I'm just thankful I'm there to see them
And I don't know how you're so amazing
And I'll probably never understand
So I wrote this song to let you knowhow proud I am of you
And mum I hope you know its all us
You're beyond compare
I could lay my whole soul bare
Long as I know your right there I know I'm in luck
And I love you so much
Tell, you all the time
But sometimes all the time still don't seem like its enough, no

I am here forever x3
I am yours forever
I am yours

[Verse 2:]
Haven't heard dad cry more than a handful of times in my life
So that tearful phone call where we both broke down still burns right hot in my mind
Long nights, scared sleepless
Through your hospital stage where our whole world fell apart
You never blinked
Just let it pass
Ill never ask you how'd you do that
Cause I don't even need the answer
Its just a miracles work I guess
How you stare in the face of cancer
Fight it and never once lose your breath
And for the rest of my days I'm awestruck
And for them all I won't ever forget
That you are still the most beautiful
And you didn't need a hair on your head
How'd you do that [x4]
And this is all for you



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