Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Lyrics of Avery - Go Screw Yourself (GSY)

Go screw yourself

Go screw yourself en español

Verse 1:
I know I've been holding it in
The way I feel about you
Something I've been dying to say
But I don't know how you'll take it
Oh Please don't go
You should know

These three words
I've been holding back
Trying to fight
Imma let em out
These three words
gotta let you know
Here I go go go

Go screw yourself
I've had enough yeah
now we're done
Go screw yourself
Not gonna lie yeah
It was fun
But go screw yourself

Verse 2:
Feels good just to get it all out
it's so not overrated
You can't keep puttin me down
And getting away with it
Oh now I know
The way to say


Guess I thought I knew you
Now I know I couldn't have been more wrong
I had a feeling it would go this way
And I waited waited way too long to say
to say
These three words
To say
these three words
To say
these three words
To say, to say, to say


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