Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Lyrics of Bullshit

(Sam Brown)

Bullshit on
Bullshit off

Bullshit walk
And bullshit talk

Bullshit feeds
And Bullshit breeds

Bullshit knows
And bullshit grows

On me

On you

I believe in
Bullshit this
And bullshit that

I can't see me no more

I can see
Through all your lies
I can see
Why we all cry

No more

Money talks
Bullshit walks
People fight
This one's left; this one's right

Bullshit here and bullshit there
This one's gone and this one's here to stay

No more

People thought that it'd be well
To live outside the law and spell
A dream in which they all could tell
Of every lie they'd ever sell

I can see you no more
Not through this bullshit cloud

Yes, I can't see a way around
Of living life with all this sound
Of bullshit walks and bullshit talks
And bullshit dreams and bullshit schemes

And you're just telling me that I'm the one
And I can't see which one of we's the fool

No more

Bullshit speaks. Won't you listen to me?

No more

I don't know what I've been told
But if you look inside of my soul
I'm just living a life of lies
Looking for someone to be wife
And seeing our lives go down
The drain

I can't sleep
I can't think
About nothing but

Bill the farmer-lawyer
Tells me that I could cut a path so clean
Yes, I could get by in life so lean
I could just live my life a dream
He talks of Betty Grabel and then
Talks of his horses and talks of men
His dog, he tells to mind her manners
Smiles at me and then waves his hammer
Says all he ever does in the end
Is tends to his farm and lends his ear
To liars

Says, "I'll listen to it all week and shovel it on weekends."

I asked if I could ride his horse
He says not this one but the other, of course

"You can ride her right Down Argentine Way."

CJ played the Indian flute
Saw him in the garden in his leather boots
He seemed so shaken to his root
And made a point that seemed so moot
About how he's found faith in God
And now how he sees the light

No more

Bullshit tries to be so keen
Bullshit pulls one over on me
On bullshit naps, bullshit saps - takes
The life out of me

A man can crack in many ways
He can shut himself in everyday
He can mix and mingle and believe he's right
Until he curses the day and hates the night
And in the end he loses sight of
Who is really putting up the fight

No more

He can drop right out of the human race
Until in the end he loses face
Of what it is to have some grace

No more

Right inside the bullshit night
The animal prisoners scream and cry
They live their life a waking lie
And spend their time just a 'wondering why
They have no money with which to buy
Their dreams

No more

Their dreams are gone for sure

That bastard cheated you of every dime
He shorted you, he stole your line
Took snake oil and turned it into grime
And wasted all your precious time

He tossed out threats and cut you cheap
Painted you red then took your heap
Then ran with it he had saved to keep
So all of your winnings he could reap

Well I don't know what I've been told
But I'm just living a life of gold

No more

I'm well-learned
But I've been burned
A couple of times
I've seen or heard


Bullshit lives
Bullshit gives
Bullshit takes
Bullshit fakes

Bullshit sings
Bullshit rings
Of gold

Bullshit off

Wonder when this bullshit's gonna stop
Maybe all this bullshit will just drop
Bullshit money, bullshit funnies
Bullshit brewing, bullshit spewing

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