Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Lyrics of bury your dead show @ karma in victorville

Chains Of Opression

Blood, Sorrow ... Sparks Of Fire In The Bottom Of My Heart
Bow And Arrows, That Fly Throught Time
Sharing Secrets That Keep Kiding in Time
Ooh! I'll Get Away!

Chaos, Anger ... Webs Of Hate Erupt My Brain
Chains, Oppression ... Climb On The Walls
of Morality now Sank Words In The Past
Ooh! I'll Get Away!

Love, Hate ... Live Inside Of My Heart
Love, It Seems to fade Away
I'm Fuc*** Up, Can You be There For me?
Love, It Seems to fade Away
In The Chains Of Oppression ... Unchain Me!

No Matter How, I'll be Free, I Won't Die
No Matter How, I Will Live
They Won't Stop to Throw Dust in my Eyes
Nor Make The Pain Go Away!

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