Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Lyrics of Cannibal Corpse - Monolith

(Cannibal Corpse)

Monolith en español

Imminent decay of life
Ruthless, dead monolith
Human race will be devoured

Ghoulish - undead vanguard, silent killers,
striking quickly
Blood lust - for the living, eat their flesh,
drink their blood
Callous - in their method,
murderers, murderers
Horrific infiltration, monolith of undead
Slay the living
Is only object for this
bestial rotting horde
Slaughtering the helpless,
slaughter all that lives
Driven by an evil force, to feed on humankind
Exterminate resistance, exterminate them all
Cunning and yet mindless
stealthfully they kill
Army of decay plodding
toward the breathing ones
Countless decomposing
corpses walk upon the earth
Outnumbering the living,
soon they'll be extinct

Zombies, seek life
Mindless killing all in sight,
addicted to entrails
They crave warm flesh
Hunting, dead seek
Ruthless feeding on the weak,
savagery prevails
Tear them to shreds
Fighting, undead
Flesh wounds bleeding black not red,
invincible undead force
There is no hope
Zombies, devour
Quicken mankind's final hour,
fate will run its course
There is no hope

Walking dead surround,
search for living flesh
Ambush on the town, takes a shocking toll
Screams of living fade as
the dead destroy their lives
They die
Hollowed bodies heap, empty carcasses
Innards are devoured by the mob of ghouls
Remaining living flee the horde

Ghoulish - undead vanguard, silent killers,
striking quickly
Blood lust - for the living,
drink their fresh blood
Callous - in their method
murderers, murderers
Horrific infiltration, monolith

Imminent decay of life
Cause by this monolith
Human race was sacrificed
Their future does not exist

Armies of undead
Slaying the living
Bestial rotting horde
Monolith of death

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