Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Lyrics of Colors


Cyan is, the sparkle in the sky
Yellow sun, reflected in your eye
Red flows through, the passion in your art
Cobalt blue, the wisdom in your heart

Issho no toki wa
iro nante kankei nai
issho no toki wa
hachi-bitto de juubun
Corazon feathers
Do se no naka otogu
When we're together
subete wa bokura no mono

Dark is for, the killer that's inside
Light surrounds, the goodness that you hide
Purple hearts, are tugging at our sleeve
We stole fire, now there's nothing left to thieve

When we're together
Colors don't matter much to us
When we're together
8-bits is enough for us
Corazon feathers
Flying inside the copper line
When we're together
They are yours and they are mine

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