Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Lyrics of CupcakKe - How to Rob (Remix)

How to Rob (Remix)

Gang, gang, gang, if you hear your name, it's all muhfuckin' love, don't take shit personal
But you know how I'm finna slide on this bitch, ayy

See, I was gon' try to rob Sada but he got a whole lotta choppers (Boom, boom, boom)
Might f*** around, rob Gaga, see if 12 will buy me a whopper
I'ma run up on the Migos, shoot 'em like a free throw, ni***, I'm so unbothered
Drop Offset body in a jungle since he wanna be a cheater, forgive me, lil' father
I can make Wiz Khalifa just choke off a NewPort
Is that Tory Lanez or is that Too $hort? (Short ass)
Stash the stack from Young M.A. up in New York
Catch Lizzo, drag her out the food court (Hahaha)
And you know it ain't shit to catch Lil Baby, all I gotta do is have one, two hoes on deck
Runnin' through your party just so I can find Cardi, like, "Bitch, I'm finna give you your old teeth back!"
Whole gang in this bitch on bully, Balenciagas with thе all-black hoodie (Gang)
Fuck around and spell Doja Cat, 'cause Doja Cat, that just mеan she pu*** (Gang, gang)
Who the f*** is this bitch named Suki? Poppin' up when promoters can't book me
Since you love to be on OnlyFans, I'm the only fan at your show, what's goodie?
Lil Durk about a whole show out, blow that muhfucker down in the middle where you workin'
City Girls leakin' like a, "Period!" when I pistol whip 'em out they Birkin
Open up the bag, give me everything you got
Run up on Megan, like, "Give me your funds" and you can't even run, 'cause you just got shot (Goddamn)
6ix9ine, is that a rat or a hamster?
Pull up on DaBaby, I change his pampers
Fuck up his face when you can't even notice his features
Like Lil Kim oops, that's random
Run up on Chief Keef, finna black his eye, but you can't even tell, 'cause that ni*** so black (Hahahaha)
I call it swervo when I'm hittin' Herbo, when them bullets goin' in and out his back
Oh, that's Mulatto? Well, we hit the Latto, I'm 'bout to knock some meat up out her taco
I wipe the floor with Milli in Chicago, then leave her ass layin' there like spin the bottle
Your music terrible, bitches unbearable, might wanna switch the flow as we speak (On God)
But of course when your name DreamDoll, motherfuck*** gon' remain sleep (On God)

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