Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Lyrics of Dalú - Elvis´s look (Official Video)

The coolest girl

I promise I won’t do it again,
I’ll try to keep my issues away,
I used to be scared of love,
What can I say?

That I’ve been hurt and lost myself,
You knew it please don’t let me say
“Im sorry” cause it’s not my fault this time

You love my confidence,
You like that I'm not afraid,
Yet you can’t see the little things
That makes me delicate...
you love my sweet younger love.
But you can’t change it at all cause...

Sometimes I am the funny girl that’s not afraid of life,
Somedays, I bring up my jealous mind
But there’s two sides of me, you can’t choose
between , cause it’s both or non...
Oh I know I’m not “the coolest girl” you thought
Sometimes I am the lovely girl who cheers you up
Somedays, I drop tears up when you erase my smile,
Oh man, I know I’m not the coolest girl you
thought I was....
But no one’s gonna love you better than I
Better than I
Better than I

I think I do believe in us, I wanna give my best and try new things with you babe love is waiting out for us....

Don’t get me wrong think one more time before you say what’s in your mind,
it’s pretty hard to trust and open up my heart...

But Sometimes I can be the hopeless romantic one,
Somedays, I get pretty mad if you’re not around.
Oh man, I know I’m not the coolest girl you
thought I was...
But no one's gonna love you better than
I better than
I better than

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