Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Lyrics of Dia De Los Muertos feat. Jeff Walker | Fresh Meat For The Grinder

Fresh meat for the grinder
(Día de los muertos)

I am no asura as I cruelly scavenge
for salvageable parts
at peace at last with my own inhumanity
you are mere carrion.

Carrying trace of blood humanity
your mortal offal lies at my feet
you remain merely as a sanguine
rendering death is your only release.

Cold steel - eviscerates
a cold steal - strips to the bone
cold steel - annihilates
a cold steal - ripping you raw

I offer this only assurance
we merely exist at tame beasts
of bloody horror
for the grnder you remains fresh meat

enforced dedication
your torso lies haped in shreds
inhumed at last on my morbid palate
a thrasher's abattoir for the dead...,


time to carve

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