Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Lyrics of Eaten from Inside

Eaten From Inside
(Cannibal Corpse)

Dwelling inside was an anger, an anger that
grew into hatred
Grinding, churning inside of me
Seeking, finding the need to feed
On my soul, it now appears I've lost control
Of my mind, it's now begun to tear and grind
The pain, its destination my brain
Can't hide from being eaten
from inside - inside

Originating deep within, a heart
that is now cold and dead
Tearing its way through my organs,
leaving nothing but shreds
Ripping, tissue is torn away
Severing, parts and veins in the way
My insides are on the outside of me
My bones now shatter and explode
The pain, its destination my brain
Can't hide from beign eaten from inside

Left on the ground is my head,
waiting for the final blow
Brain violently corroding,
the end won't come fast only slow
Seeing what's left of my body
Drowning, blood is surrounding me
My skull melts revealing my brain
Exploding, my body's imploding
The pain, its destination my brain
I've died, I've been eaten from inside

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