Thursday, June 23, 2022

Lyrics of Kehlani - Belong To The Streets Skit [Official Audio]

Belong To The Streets Skit

Always got a different ni*** though, bruh like we get it

They always got a different ni***. Y'all got a problem with her always having a different ni***

I don't-I don't got a problem with it, I don't-I don't got a problem with it. I'm just saying though

It's your business? It's your business? Is this your business?

It just be so fast
I mean she be-she make it our business by posting that shit everywhere

She should've never asked me about now it's every business

Now it's everybody's business. This shit public business
It's not her business no more, it's all our business

So basically you saying she don't belong to these niggas, she belong to the streets

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