Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Lyrics of MIEDO - Kaos


1,2, Run!!

Living you life nameless, faceless
You cut in through yourself, and become something else
You just…

Just run, From the mirror that shows your other face
Just run, From your feelings, don't look the other way
Just run, From the dreams that haunt you in your sleep
Just run, from the wounds that are cut to deep

Fearing the time, taunting you these hellish beings
You break in through the day and
sleep again in insanity

‘Repeat Chorus’

Chasing you, Chasing you, I'm chasing you, you…
Chasing you and I'm gonna get you
I'm chasing you and I'm gonna get…

Your caught underground, surrounded by the fire
Going straight to hell, leaves you with no desire

Just Run!
You tear it apart for nothing!

‘Repeat Chorus’
Just run, your scared so you run
Just run, just tuck your tale and…
Just run, you're a pu*** so you run
You just run,
Just Run Away!

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