Wednesday, June 1, 2022

Lyrics of Mindflow - 05 - Chair Designer

Chair Designer

Ready to defy,
Fast and sharp, long cruise.
Running mind inside,
Nothing to confuse you.
Source never dries,
Overloading you,
Takes one to decide,
Where to be,
What to choose.

Right in front of me my new home,
Rid of all guilt and stress,
Get to know the ones you look through,
Absorb what's left in you.

Cruel this world, skins of time.
The man I am dives inner side,
Under disguise. (Blameless)
Understood without direction where to look, wait...
I'm trying hard...

Alone in my deep thoughts...

Another life hood,
Vacancy knowledge,
Riding on him,
It can't let go.

And often times he tried in vain to speak,
Compels an angry soul.

A little hum,
You can't notice,
Cries your heart,
Open up and comprehend.
Comes climbing from within,
Collides into your real life.
Suit yourself,
It's far from stop.

Dreamers surround them both,
Oh! Start the game, go!

Stands right there,
The sins I repeat.
Seems about time.
That isn't right,
They didn't lock me down!

Time, mine,
Where could it hide the dice?
It's written in their guideline:
"Nothing can be wrong",
Can't be wrong, can't be wrong.

Bye, Farewell.
Release the ghosts from his mind.

Solitude without end.

Oh! Lord,
How many losts here?

Lifting dreams,
Shining hope.

All doors are now degraded,
Who dares to live a life?

Later on, lady Life,
Related all those days.
"They're going to be like a balloon in the sky"
You got to know your way,
All is your final decision.

Then I drop things from long time,
Exposed myself out.
Working on what's real in life.
Believe in me again.

(Look in her eyes)
Worth attention,

(Through worst times)
A thousand miles away

(Don't be scared it's just life)

Ride with me,
Until we reach the stars.

In two hearts I belong, allow to come.
Then one day we're all replacement,
Of those who left this land.
Remember all the rest, my eyes are...

Close to see,
What I could never see,
Not without you, for me.
I could be wrong or I found my treasure,
Years have gone but now I'm better,
Not afraid to loose it all,
Restart from where I stopped.

Right in front of me my new home,
Rid of all guilt and stress,
I looked at me before I went through,
The same I wish to you.

Cruel this world, skins of time.
The man I am dives inner side,
Under disguise,
Understood without direction where to look, wait...

Whole another moon,
That nobody knows.
Over lighted room,
Around me, reach for me,
You're home!

And night after night, here I am,
watching over you,
He's coming.

And hearing your voice all again,
Leaving this past to become what I am.

And they do affect you,
From where I affect them,
Turning a roaming rite.

One day will rip your roof,
From where you throw at them,
What have you lost inside?

What an unpredictable rail.

A lift along life.
Watch as they're falling...
My daily life,

Daily life,

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