Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Lyrics of Polo G “Bad Path” (Official Audio)

Bad Path
(Polo G)


Twelve got behind me broski did the dash, switched the gear was right up out that e-way
Just when we thought that we could cheer
Can't believe we crashed that hot car on the first day of the year
In five days my age would age ni***
My birthday was near that shit stung 'cause I just came home, now I'm right back here
Feel like a disappointment, got me wishing I could disappear
I try to listen to God but the devil all in my ear
I know the odds stacked against me, I just hope I persevere
I got visions I'm gon' make it, I can see crystal clear
But when I f*** up and start fadin', make me wanna shed a tear
To be anotha lost ni*** always been my biggest fear
Free Lil Stanky we love that boy that been my ni*** since Minere
Five hundred murders yeah yeah, so I ain't droppin' my gun
My ni*** shed blood in the same place that we hung
Got traumatized this shit got real, we used to think it was fun
This world cold, they'll make you feel that pain 'til you numb
Been through too much to ever back down from a challenge or run
Closed mouths don't get fed so I ain't bitin' my tongue
Gotta get to this bread for all the days I ain't have a crumb
Glad I found this rappin' shit thought we was stuck in the slums
Yeah I made mistakes out here I had to learn I was young
Married to the game and it's sad to say that I'm sprung
Married to the game and it's sad to say that I'm sprung
Married to the game and it's sad to say that I'm sprung
Look, gang finna cash a check and all of you can't hold a buck
'Cause weren't nobody passin' out coats when it got cold for us
Now we hard-bodied 'cause them hard times demoted us
If my own family switchin' up, who I'm supposed to trust?
Back against the wall, my conscious told me ain't no foldin' up
This ain't no rap, this some shit you think about while loadin' up
If we the ones out here droppin' clips, then who exposing us?
Play it tough and you gon' be the next ni*** they rollin' up
If you see a opp, you was there, you was supposed to bust
Wasn't always like this, we let them demons take over us
We idolize the rappers and that's all that they told to us
Bloodshed, caskets, and the cells gettin' showed to us
We ain't try to live like this but this the path they chose for us
Livin' in America where everything is so corrupt
Sometimes I sit and think like 'How we let 'em get close to us?'
Mad 'cause they can't be us so they wanna take control of us
Same story, different state block, people never get a break
They make me want the industry and want the fuckin' NBA
You in a mansion now, house ni*** smile across your face
Now ain't nothin' wrong, but wealth just do this shit a different way
They put us down, we reached the top, and made sure that them bitches straight
Make you think you made it but that's just the plan they put in play
King, Malcom, Pac dead they shoot you down for bein' great
This Hunger Games, we f*** each other over for the bigger plate
Back to back court datess, 'cause I'm tryna eat
How I get wrapped up in the system that I grinded just to be
Smart kid, so much potential I wasn't made for the streets
All the options that I had, they expected this the least
But I ran right in that field, without tyin' up my cleats
The game fair, but it's cold, you gotta figure out the cheats
God had to teach me lessons 'cause I thought this shit was sweet
He told me 'You gotta slow down, you too young for us to meet, plus you out here with a purpose, you got missions to complete'
They said I'm bound to be the hottest 'cause I'm always spittin' heat
Bitch I'm up next for the throne, I'm just waitin' on my seat
Shit like this don't come too often just consider me elite
Niggas thought that they took but off now I'm breathin' on they necks
They locked me out, I broke right in, and I start makin' niggas sweat
They got too comfortable, now it's time to put 'em to the test
Bet they prayin' on my downfall, don't wanna see me blessed
This for my fallen soldiers, bitch that's why I'm grippin' on this TEC
Feel like bronem die for us so what I die for they respect
Imma die a legend, when I'm gone just label me the best
I promise you they gon' feel me before I get put to rest
All them lone nights, all that sufferin', all that pain, all that stress
I've been fightin' for so long that I can't settle for less
We in this for two different reasons, you want clout, I want a check
Real recognize real, and pu*** boy we never met

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