Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Lyrics of Tarot- Beyond Troy

Beyond Troy

Blind, searching the dark, stand, pray and leap
watch, not with your eyes, the creatures of the deep
sail, the waters are black, don't rock the boat
cry the unseen away 'til it breaks your throat
inside a dream is where we find each other
I'll follow the scent of your need
there, a crack in the sky, whiteness ablaze
god of thunder, he rides to impale us with his gaze
inside the storm are the hounds of the father
they will find your scent if you bleed
the children of love torn asunder...
heaves ring, the seas cry
there are things trying to pull us under...
just find your wings and fly
fly to me, I'm your faithful defender...
heavens ring, the seas cry
my wounds are yours to tender...
just find your wings and fly
fly to me
inside the soft flame of our desire
I'll follow the some to your fire

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