Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Lyrics of Tarot - I'm here


Breat of living, heart punding, poison stinging
Tiny voices, wrong choises, blood starts singing
I never had anything to lose, no touch, nor taste
My body is here for abuse, braincells for waste
Sirens calling, walls falling, fists bleeding
Bones cracking, scent tracking, the void is feeding

The last of me is about to go, basic primality
Putting up one hell of a show, they will remember me
I'm here, this terminal case of lust upholds this prison of dust
I'm here, the sexiest god is pain, just gimme the ball and chain
I'm here, falling pround and tall on my face, reaching grace within disgrace
I'm here, at the frontline of fools, share my flesh before it cools
I'm here

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