Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Lyrics of Tarot - The Punishment

The Punishment

Inhale from the barrel of my gun
Swallow these words and be blown away
The spirits are here to fill me with nothing
There's no one here to keep them at bay
And I say...

No more cover-ups, no more scheming
I hear it coming kicking and screaming
The punishment, long due
The souls convulse together, I'll never be through with you
The promises under the hammer of time
They're in pieces but you never heard them break
Now the dreams are voided, the threats are real
Come to an understanding with the mutual hate we feel
And I say...

No more...
I drink from the life of your soul
And laugh at the wraith punched with holes
You had the same idea, I'm sorry but I'm still here
So gimme the kiss of life and death my dear
I say...

No more...

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