Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Lyrics of Tarot - The Scourger

The Scourger

I've seen the marvesl of the molten fles
I've smelt the wired nerves burn
I've been at the barriers of endless time
I've felt the knives of pleasure turn
The bloodless wounds pulsing with energy
Crack myself open, I'll have to set it free
In me... the scourger
There are things I never thought I would see

The shredded one will say all right? the scourger
The better me fell to the blight, I was cursed anyway
I've ripped my nails climbing the razorwalls
I've grown new ones of steel
I've skipped the conscience and it's nagging calls
I've thrown over th unreal
The third eye, the lizard mind cries victory
Split myself open, I'll have to set it free.

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